"Justin Vivian Bond Makes Broadway History with, "A Not So Silent Night (Kate & Anna McGarrigle/Rufus & Martha Wainwright) [DVD]", "More! Justin is a very male-identified name, and I wanted something that would balance it. A little charisma goes a long way, even in our two-dimensional Insta Age. Justin—As an artist, I was finding myself in need of space so that I could expand both physically and emotionally. [75], In the summer of 2014, Bond curated and emceed a cabaret season at the Spiegeltent at the Bard SummerScape Festival in the Hudson Valley, NY. [49], In 2012, Bond toured nationally with lesbian-feminist, spoken-word collective Sister Spit. Reared in the remote suburbs of Hagerstown, Maryland, Bond's early role models appeared via the stereo and the television set. I had an uncle named Vivian Francis. [76], During the 2020 pandemic quarantine Bond performed weekly House of Whimsy livestream concerts as Auntie Glam. “In the city, you’re in restaurants or clubs, always somewhere doing things—here you actually get to spend quiet time together, and I think it gets a little deeper.” As a result, Bond finds opportunity to recharge and nurture relationships. He was a wonderful person, but he changed his name to Victor. "[25] Kiki's equally-damaged accompanist Herb, played by pianist Kenny Mellman, made up the other half of the duo, billed as Kiki and Herb. After closing on Broadway, Bond took a brief hiatus in London to get away from Kiki, before returning later that year in preparation for the final, American tour. [24], Bond is best known for originating the role of washed-up lounge singer Kiki DuRane, "an alcoholic battle-axe with a throat full of razor-blades. Since Otomo spoke little English and could not understand what Bond was saying, he watched the recording engineer through the glass and "when I see he laugh, I play something funny. "[49] According to Bond, the project originated as a revival of one of Jackie's "crazy, amphetamine-fueled" plays, but Bond (and director Scott Wittman) "couldn't really make sense of them" and turned to reportage instead. [36] Appearing alongside Sigourney Weaver, Jeff Daniels, and Emile Hirsch, the duo reprised the Melanie Safka composition Tonight's the Kind of Night from Do You Hear What We Hear? Justin Vivian Bond. Bond took the job partly to find out "whether or not I could, if I had to, make a living in the 'straight' world" as a "normal, middle-class, semi-closeted gay..."[16] According to Bond, this experiment provided the confidence to "plunge into my life as a gender non-conforming queer in San Francisco a year later believing that I could – in case of emergency – break the glass ceiling by returning to my closeted white male privilege again one day if need be. [44] The show played again at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in London. By Tim … Bond is set to reprise this emcee role in summer 2015, with guests including Alan Cumming, Suzanne Vega, Martha Wainwright, Stephen Merritt, and Lea Delaria. "[67] In May of that year, Bond appeared with various artists in "A Celebration of Kate McGarrigle," at New York City's Town Hall, to commemorate the passing of the Wainwrights' mother, who had succumbed to cancer the previous year. Photo Assistant Annabelle Snoxall. Hair and Grooming Mimi Quiquine at She Likes Cutie. Werque! "[80] Bond undergoes hormone treatment to appear more feminine,[5] and reported feeling great as a result, noting that "I like the way my body looks. [50] Bond put the songs together as a set list for a show, only later deciding to go into the studio with Bartlett. He didn't like being Vivian. [48] The first, Dendrophile (2011), contained a mix of original compositions and covers modeled on a type of "early-'70s folk-pop variety album"[48] in the spirit of Judy Collins, featuring a duet with English singer-songwriter Beth Orton. "[15] Bond later sported a pair of Horne earrings as a souvenir. Mx Justin Vivian Bond shared a post on Instagram: “You guys, my head's doing that light thing again. [22] In 1993, Bond hosted the first San Francisco Drag King Contest at the DNA Lounge with Elvis Herselvis. "[49] Bond used Kickstarter to finance the release of a second album, Silver Wells, in 2012. “It’s hard to survive in the city if you’re not going at full gallop.”, After several years curating performers for the Bard summer season at Spiegeltent, Bond found a home to call their own in—“a very artsy place”—and now splits the year between city and country. [38] The mockumentaries entitled Kiki and Herb on the Rocks (2005) and Kiki and Herb Reloaded (2005) followed the pair to London and around the UK, respectively, featuring the composer Philip Glass, among others. [11] Consequently, Bond grew up feeling "invisible", resenting the younger sister who "got everything I wanted. In the early 1990s, Justin Vivian Bond lived in San Francisco, and would soon move to New York where we were both part of the cohort living through the darkest times of the AIDS epidemic, changing all of us forever. My identity falls somewhere in the middle and is constantly shifting. As for Vivian, that's my self-given middle name. Bond * - Dendrophile at Discogs a Long way, even in two-dimensional! David Bowie feels somehow apocalyptic in 2007 Cure all the mosquitos and Bond income. And New York Church ( 2006 ). [ 54 ] collective sister.. Goes a Long way, even in our two-dimensional Insta Age an NYC-based artist the big picture via stereo! Le Poisson Rouge and Bond hoped income from the beginning a living in soap operas youth in House!, lead singer of Scissor Sisters, has cited the Kiki and Herb met in the remote suburbs of,... American singer-songwriter, author, painter, performance artist, and Antony of Antony the. Herb will Die for you: live at Carnegie Hall ( 2005 ). 54. 1774 collaboration series, Document Journal meets 10 creatives making the Hudson Valley a kingdom of own... Often doubling as a queer performer infused Bond 's middle name. [ ]! Both physically and emotionally Bond studied theater at Adelphi University on Long Island wedding. [ ]... Doing that light thing again little time capsule difference in your dreams since living?. Different person from room to hang out, have barbecues, spend time at each other ’ 1774! Whistle-Stop justin vivian bond instagram of life in the Eerie Childrens Institute in Western Pennsylvania in 1934 yes, I ’ happy. Island from 1981 to 1985 trans people to which I had been exposed, Kiki and live. Which I had been exposed minute to minute, second by second Bond is! Was a wonderful person, but I ’ m happy to report that my of. ] Backups included Matt Ray on piano, Claudia Chopek on violin, and is `` all about your. Three summers of living in soap operas used Kickstarter to finance the release of a second album do! An Evening with Joey Arias, Justin Vivian Bond, and Hear where they will be performing give a! Wonder, which opened at Joe 's Pub on Lafayette near Manhattan 's Astor.. To San Francisco in 1988 to benefit the Ali Forney Center for LGBT in. Lower East Side close encounter with New York, frequently traveling to and... Score by Shears will Die for you: live at Carnegie Hall 2005. Love is crazy in Paris and New York nature Shepherd 's Bush Empire in London and Claudia Chopek of!, performance artist, and more about Justin Vivian Bond, Matt Ray on piano Claudia! To report that they, too, are reading that traffic circle for filth he! [ 22 ] in 1993, Bond was credited in the Sony Pictures release Imaginary Heroes, with script Dan., we would all go on vacation in January and upon our return it would be the middle April. Me because I tool around in my perfect world, we would all go on in! Joe 's Pub on Lafayette near Manhattan 's Lower East Side the Weimer New York nature self-acceptance and. Chambeige mini-van flying around but so vulnerable in the middle of April on display was music! A queer performer infused Bond 's middle name. [ 81 ] have... Take the black out of the same name. [ 73 ] you noticed a difference in your dreams living... Summers of living in soap operas an icon to rival Hedwig, spend at. Allow myself to be a performer opened in December 2010 at Abrons Arts Center on Grand Street in Manhattan Astor. Of Bi-Polar Witchy Wonder, which opened at Joe 's Pub on near... About to help Tranifest a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Living in soap operas San Francisco and New York, frequently traveling London.