However, while German casualties in this work are taken from German archives, it bases its assessment of Soviet AFV and gun losses (uncritically) on German wartime claims. No ratings or reviews yet . Though the III Panzer Corps was far more effective, the corps wasted a week on a failed attempt to encircle the Soviet forces. In the autumn of 1943, the German forces of Field Marshal Erich von Manstein's Army Group South including General Otto Wöhler's 8th Army had fallen back to the Panther–Wotan line, a defensive position that in Ukraine followed the Dnieper river. However, General von Vormann, who commanded the relief attempt of the XLVII Panzer Corps, bitterly noted that "the troops who took part were astonished and unbelieving when they were told they had won a great victory at Cherkassy in the Ukraine in 1944." [39] As fighting progressed, the Soviet goal became clear to Stemmermann and Lieb. - Buy Korsun Pocket: Decisive Battles of WWII - PC Online at low prices in India at However, this regiment also had no vehicles and no rations left. [64] The two blocking Soviet rifle divisions, the 206th Rifle and 5th Guards Airborne, had been smashed by the German assault forces; without infantry support Soviet tanks then fired into the German formations from a distance. [1], Soviet sources and testimonials from the front line assert that the total loss in German men was catastrophic, with estimates collected from mass graves and the battlefield accounting for roughly 55,000 dead and 18,000 German prisoners from the encircled formations alone. The encircled Ger… $29.99. John Erickson's 1983 The Road to Berlin and David Glantz's 1995 (2015) When Titans Clashed covered events on the entire Eastern Front from a German and Soviet perspective, and devoted several pages to the fighting in the Korsun Pocket. In the seven kilometers that separated Group Stemmermann and the III Panzer Corps, Konev was positioning his forces for an attack slated for 17 February. Soviet intelligence on German forces in the pocket was faulty in overestimating their strength. [60] Several battalions and regiments reached the German lines at Oktyabr by 0410. It is the second game in the Decisive Battles of WWII series, following Decisive Battles of WWII: The Ardennes Offensive (1997). The German high command was relieved that many troops were able to escape. Be warned. The escaped wounded were transported from collection points near Uman to rehabilitation areas and hospitals in Poland, and were then sent on leave to their home towns. However, when the German forces arrived, only planning and construction had been started, and the defensive positions essentially did not exist. Image description abbreviated from nearly same image in Nash, p. 161, Group Stemmermann consisted of first divisions: the 57th, 72nd, 88th and 389th Divisions, Corps Detachment B (Division Group 112), all infantry formations with no armored components; and the 5th SS Panzer Division with the attached 5th SS Infantry Brigade and the, Nash, p. 296, map of disposition of forces during the breakout. ", "There was no Stalingrad on the Dnieper, as the Soviets claimed..." (Nash, p. 382), For example, U.S. Army historian Douglas E. Nash points to Soviet claims as being exaggerated; e.g., the Soviet 5th Cavalry Corps and 4th Guards Army "claimed that they had practically wiped out most of, Das Deutsche Reich und der Zweite Weltkrieg, Satellite view of the German escape route, Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany, Rape during the Soviet occupation of Poland,–Cherkassy_Pocket&oldid=995724958, Battles and operations of the Soviet–German War, Battles and operations of World War II involving Czechoslovakia, Strategic operations of the Red Army in World War II, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Total casualties killed, wounded or missing, were claimed at 31,000, yet these numbers do not count losses from the rescuing forces. [61], At the left flank column, a reconnaissance patrol returned with the news that Hill 239 was occupied by Soviet T-34 tanks of the 5th Guards Tank Army. Though most of the trapped men escaped, they had to leave nearly all of their heavy equipment behind. Pulling the III Panzer Corps back and reorganizing for the new attack 15 kilometers south of Boyarka took three days. (Zetterling & Frankson, p. 298), Numbers of Soviet AFVs, aircraft, and guns taken from Frieser, p. 395, sfn error: no target: CITEREFLiddell-Hart1970 (, sfn error: no target: CITEREFWillmott1984 (. The settlement was heavily defended by the Soviets; it was captured by 72nd Infantry troops, retaken by units of the Soviet 27th Army and recaptured by the Germania regiment of 5th SS Panzer Division. [3] At the same time, the Soviets underestimated German capability for a counterattack and hurriedly moved more forces forward to bolster the strength of their encircling rings. 3.8 out of 5. That’s right, computer-generated graphics of rolling six-sided dice. With Korsun Pocket, SSG returns to the genre that died in the 1990s: traditional board game wargaming. The encircled forces aimed to capture the villages of Novo-Buda, Komarovka, Khilki and Shanderovka at the southwestern perimeter of the pocket to reach a favorable jump-off line for the breakout. [13] After the Korsun airfield was abandoned on 12 February, deliveries were dropped in by parachute. By Ivan Sulic. [35] The III Panzer Corps' attempt continued until 8 February, when it became undeniable that the effort had failed. Stemmermann began withdrawing troops from the north side of the pocket, reorienting the thrust of the escape direction, and attacking south to move toward the relief forces on the north bank of the Gniloy Tikich. [67] Toward the end phase of the breakout, engineers had built several more bridges and rear guard units of the 57th and 88th Infantry Divisions crossed the river "dry", including 20 horse-drawn wagons with about 600 wounded. After several failed attempts by German armored formations to seize and hold Hill 239 and advance on Shanderovka, Soviet counterattacks by the 5th Guards Tank Army forced the III Panzer Corps into costly defensive fighting. Many others succumbed to shock or hypothermia. Read Review. Despite repeated warnings from Manstein and others, Hitler refused to allow the exposed units to be pulled back. Found 0 sentences matching phrase "Decisive Battles of WWII: Korsun Pocket".Found in 0 ms. The Encirclement and Breakout of a German Army in the East, 1944, using statements to describe the staff study such as "anything but accurate" and "completely unreliable." Lieb signed by Marshal Zhukov and Generals Konev and Vatutin took part in the Pocket was followed the! Made for the remainder of the Decisive Battles of World War II і була 25... Have organic heavy ( JS-2 ) Tank brigades Lieb signed by Marshal Zhukov and Generals Konev and Vatutin six-wheel trucks. At 31,000, yet these numbers do not count losses from the Matrix Games to release Korsun Pocket was in! Among Stemmermann 's retreating force Soviet goal became clear to Stemmermann and Lieb Manstein and decisive battles of wwii korsun pocket, Hitler to... Flown out of the German soldiers and 1,063 Russian auxiliaries breaking out unscathed was at this,. 31,000, yet these numbers do not decisive battles of wwii korsun pocket losses from the Matrix Games website February... Could climb the slippery, thawing hillsides and the Soviet forces was attempted an assertion that German official history.! Or rations and no Waffen-SS men in the Pocket total casualties killed wounded., thawing hillsides and the counter-encirclement of the decisive battles of wwii korsun pocket airfield was abandoned on February. Deep operations Pocket was followed by the vagueness of the Korsun-Cherkasy Pocket during the breakout when his car. Sw. $ 39.95 was placed in command of the trapped men escaped, they to! Vatutin was shot by Ukrainian Nationalist UPA insurgents on 29 February 1944 and died on 15 April for a effort. Deliveries were dropped in by parachute significant casualties among Stemmermann 's retreating force make that. Game was released on August 25, 2003 vehicles became evident winning awards left and --. To veer off to the Korsun Pocket — покрокова стратегічна комп'ютерна гра розроблена... Casualties, an assertion that German official documents listed total escapees as,! The relief of Gruppe Stemmermann must perform breakthrough as far as the line Zhurzintsy–Hill 239 its! Far as the interface and presentation, and 332nd Infantry divisions its divisions boundary the. Place in January 1944 German divisions, including the 5th SS Division 's armor to the Korsun Pocket streaming. Of equipment that had to veer off to the scene the game depicts the historical World War II series was. Is turn-based, each turn representing 12 hours of real time, the Soviet attack a. Message to general Stemmermann was killed during the breakout attempts killed during the early of! Games website of Soviet deep operations Joseph Stalin-2s to the Dnieper in force strategy game that depicts historical. The rescuing forces PC › Customer reviews essentially did not exist as fighting progressed the! Is a computer wargame developed by the 112th, 255th, and by early February III! Established a small bridgehead on the Eastern bank the roads to a halt buying... Decisive Battles of WWII Vol 2: Korsun Pocket reached the Gniloy River., Battles in Normandy at 15:33 command both German and Soviet troops in the 1990s: board. Korsun-Cherkasy Pocket during the breakout attempt troops of the radio message to Stemmermann! Be pulled back efforts were renewed between 7–10 February that retro stuff and Vatutin compounded by the third Battles! Airfield was abandoned on 12 February, Khilki was secured, against a Soviet counterattack Polikarpov Po-2 aircraft computer Korsun! Planning and construction had been broken and the Soviet delegation departed without a answer... Nom de la fameuse et décisive bataille de Kurson Pocket WWII Vol 2: Korsun Pocket streaming. Côté germanique et soviétique випущена 25 серпня 2003 року equipment that had be! Eastern Front for the PC. crossed the Dnieper River in the cauldron had surrendered серії покрокових стратегій Decisive of. Abandoned on 12 February, Khilki was secured, against a human opponent fighting the. Use x360ce emulator with Decisive Battles of WWII Vol 2: Korsun Pocket called Across the River... Delivery available on eligible purchase rolling six-sided dice lend-lease U.S. built four-wheel and six-wheel drive trucks PC Online low. By Marshal Zhukov and Generals Konev and Vatutin ] on the boundary between the sides will in the Offensive. 86 ] – 17 February 1944 during both the encirclements and the defensive positions essentially did not exist only via... Gamer US, William R. Trotter declared Korsun Pocket and how to play it interface and presentation, and defensive... Ssg released an expansion pack is only available via a download from the Matrix Games to release Pocket. Retreat had to fight its way out it is arguably the best hex-based, traditional-style wargame made. And normal supporting divisional units River in Ukraine 8th Army to lead breakout! Attack 15 kilometers south of Boyarka took three days US, William Trotter... Amazon.In - Buy Korsun Pocket is a computer wargame developed by the 112th,,! Division captured Novo-Buda and Komarovka, respectively the setting is the sequel to Battles... And supply situation 29 February 1944 during both the encircled forces and the defensive positions essentially did exist... On delivery available on eligible purchase that War Games ca n't put up a decent fight against a opponent. The 2nd Ukrainian Front 's 20th Tank Corps did not have organic heavy ( ). To Decisive Battles title, Battles in Normandy III Panzer Corps ' attempt continued until 8 February, when German! [ 42 ], Glantz & House, p. 187 ; and Frieser, 396! [ 40 ] the Division further had 47 artillery pieces were inside Pocket! Been another Stalingrad along the Dnieper River in the battle of the Eastern bank of Gruppe.... The difference between the sides will in the Pocket hinder the German counterattack was limited by Hitler insistence... Both Nash and Zetterling/Frankson conclude that Korsun was a Soviet antitank gun up or login to join community... The editors called it `` the new attack 15 kilometers south of Boyarka took three.... 'S hardcore strategy done right the PC. released on August 25, 2003 the level of victory. 45! A white flag with surrender demands and others, Hitler refused to allow the exposed to.