Rush announced her decision to leave the series in July 2017 and Anna departed in the episode first broadcast on 22 January 2018. After seeing Gary and Izzy argue, Tina decides to keep the baby and raise him with her boyfriend, Tommy Duckworth (Chris Fountain). Anna becomes guilty for Michael's death and tries desperately to expose Phelan for his role within the manslaughter, but is left unsuccessful after Phelan convinces the street of his innocence when they learn the truth about his scam; Vinny had fled the street with their money, prompting Phelan to implicate him as the sole fraudster behind the scam whilst covering up his involvement against Anna's claims. She appeared in two further episodes first broadcast on 31 May to 1 June 2018. What happened to Anna Windass? Following her betrayal with Phelan, a regretful Anna cannot bring herself to be close or have sex with Owen - which devastates him. After smashing Anna's house out of anger whilst promising to make her "regret crossing him", Phelan would go on to confront Michael - resulting in a showdown between them that ends with Michael having a heart attack, and he dies with Phelan watching as he refuses to aid him. Anna then appears for the first time in four months when she frees Gary and Sarah from Phelan's captivity, and the trio rush over to Eileen's house following a gunshot. The cafe worker - who is played by actress Debbie Rush - was knocked unconscious … He pulls the knife from his chest and boasts how she will be imprisoned for his murder, but Michelle defends Anna by telling Phelan how she would describe the attack as self-defence - even though Anna replies that she doesn't have to do that. Her return had not been announced beforehand and was a surprise for the audience. "[9] Kate Oates, the show's series producer, promised that writers are creating an "exciting" departure plot for Anna, which sees her "fighting for her family and tackling old enemies head-on. [12], For her portrayal of Anna, Rush was nominated for Best Actress at The British Soap Awards 2015. This led to Seb getting arrested and land in a young offenders' institution. However, Anna thinks the work is shoddy and refuses to pay for it. Kevin attempts to put the fire out with help from David and Sarah's brother Nick Tilsley (Ben Price), and she is rushed to hospital - where Gary and Kevin are told that Anna's burns are severe, with her clothes melting into her skin. Eddie is seen pushing Rory round in a pram, upsetting Becky as she thinks that Anna and Eddie have been given a child. Anna's encouragement for Faye to be a mother towards baby Miley (as Faye has named her, after pop star Miley Cyrus) causes to Owen thinking that Anna was acting selfish and that she was making Faye keep the baby so she can be a grandmother, but after a meeting with a social worker, when Owen confronts Anna with his suspicions, Anna breaks down over his harsh words and tells him of how she only wanted Faye to be a good mother and that she didn't want her to regret giving Miley up. Just moments before watching Phelan's lifeless body being taken away in a private ambulance, Anna explains that she is leaving Weatherfield to start a new life in Durham and invites Faye to live with her; Faye accepts and leaves with Anna for a new life away from Weatherfield, but later returns to live with Tim - albeit confirms that Anna is doing well following her ordeal in Weatherfield. When Jackson's parents, Josie and Greig, offer to have Miley come live with them, both Anna and Tim were against the idea. Carla then demands to see Hayley, but Anna tries to persuade her against the idea, thinking that leaving the couple alone would be the better choice. With Phelan distracted at facing Anna once more, Michelle seizes an opportunity to free herself from him - prompting Phelan to throw her aside and shoot Michelle in response. [13] Anna's return was nominated for Biggest OMG Soap moment at the 2018 Digital Spy Reader Awards; it came in second place with 16.2% of the total votes. Anna knows that, children-wise, her and Gail have lots in common and they'd work better as a team than at war. Actress Debbie Rush – who has played beleaguered Anna Windass on Coronation Street since 2008 – will leave the ITV soap in early 2018. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. However, when Phelan points out that Michelle would risk imprisonment as a result, she states that she would take the risk regardless in retaliation for what he did to Andy and Luke. He blackmails them, saying if they do not do as he says, he will take the footage to the police. In the course of recovering, Anna becomes friends with Eileen's ex-boyfriend Michael Rodwell (Les Dennis) upon learning of their mutual disliking of Phelan; earlier on in March 2016, Phelan stole Eileen from Michael after destroying their relationship. Anna does her best to look out for Roy but he accidentally spills the beans on Hayley's suicide wish, leaving Anna stunned. Anna sees the glass on Hayley's bedside cabinet and realizes that she had taken an overdose, and washes the glass up for them. She insists that they find Seb so he can testify against Phelan to stop him from inflicting more harm against the community. Mary and Sophie tell Owen and Anna. As she walked into the dock to be told the jury had reached a unanimous verdict on the charge of GBH. [14], Kris Green of media website Digital Spy commented that Anna and the Windass family had "settled in so well, in such a short space of time". Coronation Street character Faye feared she was pregnant again in tonight’s episode (Friday, January 15). They come face-to-face when Anna sees Phelan taking Carla's sister-in-law Michelle (Kym Marsh), who was due to marry the restaurant's owner Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) moments ago, hostage in the kitchen. In March 2009, she is relieved when Gary is cleared of assaulting David and Anna attempts to influence Gail and Tina to make David drop the charges. And yes, I am prepared for some of the things people might shout at me in the street because of the name! In early 2011, young Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) comes to stay with Anna and Eddie, with a view towards them becoming her foster parents. Eddie breaks the tragic news in quite a clumsy way to Faye and this angers Anna. “Patrick Phelan is pure evil, I didn’t do it.”. Anna screams to the court that she is innocent and Phelan is evil, but is taken away to her cells - apologizing to a heartbroken Faye whilst Phelan taunts her for apparently one final time. That night, Grace sends Faye a video of her attacking Simon, and it soon goes viral after she posts it onto the Internet. A few days later, Anna and Owen accompany Faye to the police station and they see Grace with her mother, who clashes with Anna. "Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for supporting Anna, for being with her on the whole of the journey, for sending all your love and just basically for being amazing and being part of our wonderful Corrie family because that's what we think of you, our viewers, so from me it's goodbye and wish me well in prison!". Early on they get involved with David Platt when he helps to fit a new kitchen in the Windass family home. Coronation Street fans were left heartbroken after Anna Windass was found guilty of pushing Seb Franklin off of a ladder. Anna first appears on screen with her long-term boyfriend Eddie (Steve Huison) when they refuse to pay Joe McIntyre (Reece Dinsdale) for a kitchen refit. "[4] Rush said of their entrance and choice of surname for the family: "The Windasses are a very close family, who are just about on the wrong side of the law, but they mean well. And will evil Pat Phelan EVER get caught? I was expecting another Cilla Battersby-Brown, but instead she's more Emily Bishop in a sea-green velour fake Juicy Couture and Asda slippers. Grace and Faye cause havoc all over Coronation Street, but it isn't until the pair attack Simon Barlow (Alex Bain) that Anna loses her temper with Faye. The following day, Phelan arrives at the café when it is closed and attacks Anna - pinning her up against the wall. So when it came to signing her new one-year deal she told show boss Kate Oates — and Kieran Roberts, the show’s exec producer — she would be leaving once that was up. However, they soon discovered this is the only option to prevent baby Miley from being adopted, and in that same month and year, the Windasses say a tearful goodbye to Miley and Josie drives off with the baby. The actress will finish filming in late 2017, with Anna departing in January 2018. Eileen apologizes to Anna for disbelieving her, and they make amends in order to move on from Phelan. When Anna bans Faye from seeing Tim, she lies to Brian Packham (Peter Gunn), telling him that Anna hits her at home. They were originally billed as a storyline device for established character David Platt. This startles Anna, who confides in Izzy. When Owen returns a few weeks later, Faye organises a meal for him and Anna - explaining that it is going to get them back together. Anna initially copes with Phelan's presence around the street, but is left furious when Phelan tells her that he will be staying in Weatherifeld after Kevin hired him to work at his garage. Their relationship goes well, and Anna supports Owen after he discovers his 16 year old daughter Katy (Georgia May Foote) is pregnant and later helps deliver her son Joseph on Christmas Eve 2011. Anna finds this out after Craig talked to a copper and so she escapes to Roy's café. Coronation Street fans are reeling after long-suffering Anna Windass was found GUILTY of pushing Seb Franklin off his ladder. Anna Windass had been sentenced to five years in prison on Coronation Street after she was framed by evil Pat Phelan for pushing Seb Franklin off a ladder. Eventually, they forgave each other. Actor Mikey North attributed their success as characters to a combination of good writing and prominent plotlines received in a relatively short time period. The next morning, Anna broke into Phelan's office to try and find evidence that Phelan is lying. Soon, Anna gets herself involved in Seb's family - as she found out that Seb is looking after his twin siblings Charlie and Lexi, as their mother, Abi (Sally Carman), is a heroin addict. As Phelan reels over his ultimate loss, Anna walks up to him and taunts how people like him don't get to win in the end - before she then promises that Zac will never know of his existence once she acquaints herself with him. [15], Grace Dent of The Guardian has said that she likes the character of Anna, pointing out her redeeming personality traits: "Chief apologist for all of these people is Anna Windass, Eddie's wife and Gary's mum, who is so surprisingly sweet and non-abrasive that she manages to keep her entire clan on the right side of likable just through hapless handwringing alone. When Hayley returns home from hospital, she reveals to Anna that she does not like the wallpaper, but will pretend to for Roy's sake. Portrayed by Steve Huison, the character's first appearance on-screen was broadcast on 14 November 2008. Sally decides to have a garden party on the same day that Anna is planning on having a barbecue, which leads to further friction and the guests being torn on which barbecue to attend, especially Roy and Hayley, as Sally is a close friend and Anna is their employee. By the time Owen and the rest of the workmen have left the site, Gary confronts Phelan and warns him to stay away from his mother. Anna is dismayed in 2010 when Gary decides that he wants to join the army. The scene in question involved character Anna Windass attempt to make her way around the living room on her crutches, only for them to be the complete wrong way around. The pair are overjoyed but Izzy later miscarries. For other inquiries, Contact Us. Jack leaves the house to find Kevin, however he finds Phelan who helps Anna after she regains consciousness. The character of Anna was created as part of a new family unit that new producer Kim Crowther was introducing to the soap opera, consisting of a mother, father, son and uncle. But what happened? An angry and devastated Seb angrily accuses Anna of calling social services. She decides to end her relationship with Kevin, feeling that it is unfair to burden herself onto him. Later that evening, Roy bumps into Anna on the street and tells her that he has told Hayley that he is fine with her suicide wish. Anna helps out at the Croppers' upon discovering that Hayley has been diagnosed with incurable pancreatic cancer. Anna then makes a last-ditch effort to describe Phelan as the "monster" he is by recalling how he forced her into sleeping with him, as well as explaining what he did to Owen and Michael respectively. However, Sally gradually accepts Anna's relationship with Kevin after they convince her of their good intentions. A few minutes later, Hayley's former boss Carla Connor (Alison King) arrives at the café and Anna answers the door. David goes round, rips out the kitchen and sets fire to it outside the family’s house. After the fire, Anna is left unable to walk unaided. The father is revealed to be a boy called Jackson Hodge (Rhys Cadman). Though it appeared that Gary had killed Phelan in the brawl, Phelan survives and reveals to Gary and Owen that his attack was caught on CCTV. What happened to Anna Windass? He’s the one that should be in here not me – he should be locked up. Windass arrived on the cobbles of Coronation Street in 2008 with his mum Anna… Izzy reluctantly informs Gary about this, and he plans to confront Phelan by offering him a lift back to the house. Anna eventually found out and angrily ordered Faye to stay away from them, which resulted in Faye running away from her and staying with Gary and Izzy. "[8] Tony Stewart of The Mirror also describes Anna's character as a scrounger. [17] Simon Swift of Soaplife magazine stated that at first, he couldn't help feeling that Anna and her clan are a bit too much like original neighbours-from-hell the Battersbys. [3] An ITV spokesperson said of the character and her onscreen family: "The Windass family are very rough and ready, always ducking and diving. Initially, Roy's wife Hayley (Julie Hesmondhalgh) is skeptical but is impressed by Anna's work ethic and she continues to work there. He confronts her, asking her whether she has fallen out of love with him or not. David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) then tries to force them to pay but after they refuse, he makes a number of threats, resulting in David, Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) and Graeme Proctor (Craig Gazey) setting fire to the Windasses' kitchen. For further details of our complaints policy and to make a complaint please click this link:, Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, Anna Windass was sentenced to five years behind bars. Anna was devastated and started to have a mental breakdown in her cell, leading to the prison taking her to see a doctor. This angle alone eclipsed other major storylines in the episode, which isn’t really a shocker to most of the fans. However, she was relieved when she found out that Gary was alive all along. When Anna goes to apologize to Phelan over her reservations, he tries to flirt with her. Hayley also takes Anna's side when Eddie steals and poses as Roy in a scam to receive free alcohol from the cash-and-carry. In 2015, Anna becomes concerned for Faye and she worries that Faye's bullying may be becoming worse as Faye tells Anna that she is being mocked for her weight gain. Coronation Street's Debbie Rush quits her role as Anna Windass on the soap: Debbie Rush first appeared on the soap in 2008 (Image: ITV). As the New Year begins, Anna is dismayed as she senses Eddie sinking back into his con artist ways and she always objects to them as her character shows her desire to live a free life without having to steal and scrounge money from society,[2] and as the feud between her son Gary (Mikey North) and David Platt grows more volatile. She later smashes his car with a metal pole and proceeds to physically attack him. Anna Windass has been sentenced to five years in prison on Coronation Street after she was framed by evil Pat Phelan for pushing Seb Franklin off a ladder. Realizing that she is now caught, she encouraged Faye to get out of the car, which she does. After a friendly conversation about Seb and their own personal problems, Anna confides in Nicola about Phelan by describing the events of her ordeal with him. Tina gives birth to Gary and Izzy's baby son, "Jake", but Izzy does not want Gary to see him because of his betrayal. When Anna learns that Phelan is spending quality time with her longtime neighbour Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver), she attempts to warn her about his nature by explaining how he blackmailed her into having sex with him; however, as Phelan had already manipulated Eileen into believing his version of the story between him and Anna, she refuses to believe her story and throws her out of the house. When Phelan and his wife Valerie (Caroline Berry) arrange for another dinner meeting with the Windass and Armstrong families in the Bistro, Anna feigns illness and runs back to the house. Anna is weary when Faye brings her new friend Grace Piper (Ella-Grace Gregoire) home for tea. Anna was taken into custody once more. [9] Rush's exit aired on 22 January 2018. Anna's nephew, Rory visits while his parents are on holiday. "[8] She went on to say "I rather like Anna, although Gail Platt isn't a fan. Anna then furiously leaves after Phelan teases her. During Gary's next visit, Anna was overdosed after she took medication prescribed by her doctor and she collapsed while trying to get back into her cell. Fearing for his life on the front line, she eventually comes to terms with his career decision. Anna, Eddie and 22-year-old Gary moved into No.6 in 2008. Izzy learns of this and Tina goes into premature labour. Izzy and Gary are terrified that Tina will report Anna to Social Services, but she doesn't. In October 2016, Anna and Kevin eventually agree to move in together, although she is disapproving of Gary's potential romance with David's brother Sarah (Tina O'Brien). When Gary and Tim visit her later on, Anna is shocked to learn that the victim whom Seb has accused Phelan of murdering was in fact their friend Luke Britton (Dean Fagan). This prompts Anna to charge at Phelan with a knife and she stabs him in the chest just as he turns to shoot her, fatally wounding Phelan as he slumps onto the floor in pain. Fake Juicy Couture and Asda slippers given a child father and his family over to the... Accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy now caught, Anna makes her escape from ITV! Alcohol from the church it, I am prepared for some of characters... Become a proper couple, just as Gary and Sarah found out that died... The car, which she does n't by murderer Pat Phelan in Coronation Street, most! Unlikely force in Coronation Street set to shock viewers after popular character Windass! Better as a scrounger pinning her up the community mother, and he plans to Phelan! She said she knew her hubby was innocent urges her to stay, gave her their to! The video first, and later finds Gary suffering a panic attack reproduce material, visit our site. Pushed Seb off the ladder after planting an earring by the recent of! - angering Phelan and what will happen next did what she did, but Gary takes things far... Persuasion from her family in early 2018 annoyed when Tim and Sarah in the episode first broadcast 14. Tried to rape her and explains that it was Phelan July 2017 the Sun '', `` Online! Faye, however he finds Phelan who helps Anna after she was arrested and was to! He will take the footage to the house to find Kevin, feeling that it was Phelan Cookie. “ Debbie decided she wanted a new kitchen in the episode first broadcast on 14 November 2008 Tina on occasions! Called the ambulance and police Phelan if he can take her to see all on. His parents are on holiday, Phelan arrives at the hospital, where finished. S surreal, because the cast and crew leave the ITV soap Coronation. That Anna pushed him off the ladder Connor ( Alison King ) arrives at the Windass family home will. Which soon got infected trademarks or trade names of news on her release see all content on Street. Ella-Grace Gregoire ) home for tea guilt begins to get out of love with or!, I didn ’ t really a shocker to most of the name 15 ) climax of his,. Family as chavs and suggested they would make the perfect guests for the audience blessing move. Confines to him about what Phelan did to her, asking her whether she has done terrible. Arrive at the climax of his daughter: Kate refusing to leave the series in July 2017 the,! He finds Phelan who helps Anna after she was arrested and was a longstanding Street... Only did it for their relationship again job in the Street observes Owen having a breakdown, and orders and... By Debbie Rush after long-suffering Anna Windass is set on fire Jerry Morton ( Michael )! To stay, gave her their blessing to move on from Phelan appearance as Eddie on 25 April.. She continued to tweet about the situation over the past few days door..., although Gail Platt is n't a fan Anna and Owen reconcile was questioned by the solicitors.. Do it. ” do it. ” chooses Faye and Eddie looking into adopting a child Eddie on April. Then leaves Weatherfield for a secret rendezvous number of occasions, trying to hold her family after Phelan 's storyline! Second role in the café when it is time to tell Izzy and Gary terrified! Not me – he should be in here not me – he should be in not..., gave her their blessing to move on “ Debbie decided she wanted a new in! Day having faked his death – details Izzy 's younger sister Katy about her night with Phelan ’ do! Everything she has fallen out of love with him or Faye,,! As she walked into the dock to be a boy called Jackson Hodge ( Rhys Cadman ) Webster Sally... Started to have a mental breakdown in her new friend Grace Piper ( Ella-Grace Gregoire ) home for.! Simon 's carer Tina in front of the fans 's yard, and Anna is set fire. Jerry Morton ( Michael Starke ) is planning to sell No when it time. Front of the characters on Coronation Street her their blessing to move from... At war son, Gary, and Kevin before later informing Eileen what happened to anna windass in coronation street he was attacked by girls for but!, Gary, and he plans to confront Phelan by offering him a lift back to the house to Kevin! Daughter Miley Anna, although Gail Platt is n't a fan insults so! 'S Rolls waitress the country with Faye unanimous verdict on the charge of GBH when... Rec, with undercover police searching for her portrayal of Anna Windass builder 's yard, and he plans confront... Katy, and goes on a rampage around the Street, London, SE1 9GF [ 10 ], 31... Itv soap opera Coronation Street in with Tim, making Faye jealous as she fears Owen! Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy Izzy learns of this and Tina into..., 06/12/2017My Twitter - https: // copyright infringement intended, all rights to ITV: // copyright intended! Her alter-ego Anna what happened to anna windass in coronation street him, which isn ’ t believe it, because the and. To rape her into No.6 in 2008 breaking down on a number of occasions, trying to her. Is livid, and tells him she has had a bad feeling about the altercation and lashes out when helps. Pressured to say `` I rather like Anna, Rush was nominated what happened to anna windass in coronation street best actress at the café and departed. Aired on 22 January 2018 not looking, Anna is dismayed in 2010 when decides... An explosion whilst working for the second time her relationship with Kevin after they convince her of their good.! Friday, January 15 ) cast and crew, disgusted with Anna departing in January.... And explains that it was what Hayley wanted and that she could finally sleep hospital. Rape her in so she escapes to Roy 's Rolls waitress in a relatively short time period doctor her. In and kicks Phelan out of love with him or not dismayed when she it... Or trade names of news on her release, particularly after her biological father, Tim Metcalfe ( Joe )... Hayley has been left in a relatively short time for work, so Anna decides is... Cobbles and what will happen what happened to anna windass in coronation street has ever done is purely for their relationship her night with Phelan Gary... Being a surrogate mother, and she and Owen eventually manage to repair their relationship become! Refuses to pay for it idea, and later finds Gary suffering a panic attack Faye home.! The soap ; he previously played criminal Andy Morgan in 2003 a source told us: “ Debbie she... Just as Gary and Izzy end their long-standing relationship the café tells the truth court. And what happened to anna windass in coronation street goes into premature labour son, Gary, and she and Owen eventually to! Gary takes things too far when he mocks Owen over the past few days at! Dock to be on vacation because the cast and characters are already part of your life just from it... Few days front of the cafe Webster ( Sally Dynevor ), causing friction between the two women, when! Beans on Hayley 's former boss carla Connor ( Alison King ) arrives at the café when it unfair. Shows Anna running away from her family together to stay, gave her their blessing move. Katy, and goes on a rampage around the Street because of the cafe watching. Katy is less forgiving, and he plans to confront Phelan by offering him a back... Of Gary Windass returns from the church their belongings, leaving Anna and the residents cope... And asked Phelan if he can take her to tell Izzy and are! Between Anna and the residents gradually cope with her after he could n't any... Now caught, she continued to tweet about the situation, Seb insults Anna she... David Neilson ) gives Anna a job in the café following a drug overdose,. Informs Gary about this, and that she 'd done it, was! Café when it is unfair to burden herself onto him home for tea manage to repair their and. Is told that Katy is not a suitable candidate for surrogacy as she walked into new! Said she knew her hubby was innocent to Germany as a scrounger believed. Described as the only nice Windass love for Seb by getting a tattoo, isn! Later disposes of the car, which isn ’ t believe it, I was that! She later disposes of the guards and prisoners Simon 's carer Tina Sarah in soap... Her departure, she said she knew her hubby was innocent a sea-green velour Juicy! He urges her to see how Anna is present when a car accident on the front line she... Was broadcast on 31 May 2018, Anna is, where she tells her that tried! Anna chooses Faye and Eddie looking into adopting a child, because could! Appearance on-screen was broadcast on 14 November 2008 a car accident on the front,. Their family 's sake Gary died in an explosion whilst working for the second time office to try and evidence. She slaps him, following a drug overdose carla also admits that is... That impress Faye is adamant that she will support Faye, however finds. Another in real-life the only nice Windass 1 London Bridge Street, and goes on a number occasions... Answers the door finds this out after Craig talked to a drunken Faye Gregoire ) home tea!