Take care. He loves and care from all of us!!! I had done intestine checking before. My butt still in pain due to the push for Iv been doing but I feel better and don’t prolong it will only get worse !!! While wearing a disposable glove, beyond lubricating the anal sphincter with a natural lubricant like coconut oil, it might also be necessary to use a finger to manually remove bits of stool. I had to repeat the process several more times. Ran out of gloves so after I get home from work tonight Im going to try this hot towel! For many years I've been unable to poop properly because of something called a rectocele....a thinking of the vaginal wall that allowed stool in the rectum to bulge into the vaginal area creating masses too large to pass easily. pls somebody help me i feel like crying already. what should I do? If you don’t have a Poise pad , then maybe a sanitary pad or even disposable baby diaper. Also drink lots of water and take laxatives to build pressure. On his time not my own. A litter box doesn’t always need to be completely dirty for a cat to reject it. God bless you. 1. You don't need a lot of honey, just about a teaspoon or almost a full tablespoon. It seems counter-intuitive, but sitting completely upright isn't the ideal position. Are you putting it straight on your anus? Most recently (today) I had another bout of constipation (impacted stool) that was tough. I have known people to do this themselves and given themselves Anal fissures. The pills only increased my urge to poop but didn't soften. Thank you for sharing this tip on an icky subject! Feeling like this for so long is horrible.good luck. Sorry for the mega long post you’re not alone I have been there, you’ll get over this and when you do you’ll be so grateful, enjoy. and tips that have been shared will keep me on my toes so this does not happen again.I'm 62yrs old and female. I will definitely implement it in the future, as it was successful this time! I probaly had torn tissue from pushing. Manual removal by a professional, safest bet. Between rocking back and forth and to and fro I felt I was starting to get things moving. Pelvic floor dysfunction, in my case high-tone pelvic floor dysfunction, is where your pelvic muscles are constantly way, way too tight. I usually come across this problem and it is a bit frightening. I took a picture of it and the Blood I have my gastrologist Thursday this week again and pray to God she does SOMETHING this time because I CAN'T keep going like this I am in so much pain and I wake up all hours of the night or don't sleep because of the pain I am in. She instructed me to find any lubricant within reach as I was home alone (all I had was polysporin) and worked me through manually removing the impaction little by little. Thank you. Eventually everything came out but now my toilet is super clogged. The poop stuck halfway out or at the end is usually the first to go. I had the most excruciating experience with an impaction that began with unholy pain, me pouring sweat, vomiting, and screaming. Lubricant and a hot bath were far more helpful than an enema and magnesium citrate. I did everything to no avail. You should have someone determine what is causing it. I'm absolutely determined to never let this happen again. Pebble poop, or pellet-like stool, may occur when very hard stool breaks apart into smaller pieces. I would much rather touch my own butt before going to the doctor and letting them do it. It has been over 2 days of torture. Surrounding your internal anal sphincter muscle is your external anal sphincter muscle, which is under voluntary control; when you bear down, this is the muscle that you are using to generate momentum for defecation. Thankfully I had a hot Epsom salt bath prepared as is normal following a BM after this procedure because jumping in it was the only brief relief that gave me the constitution to talk to the nurse. This is one of a few reasons why I think it's a good idea to keep a box of disposable exam gloves around. But it helped me and I know 100% it was His doing. Later that night, my tummy starts crampinh and it was so bad that i cant do anything about it because i cant still pass my heavy lump. And I really didn't hold it in long at all. I don't want this to happen ever again. Impaction from pain medication after surgery. Even my mother had chronic constipation because her parents could only afford to feed them cheap food because they had 10 kids spanning from the 1940's to the 1960's. Never a comfortable topic to discuss, but it's good to have some idea of what to try if you or a loved one ever experiences hardened stool that won't come out on its own. All I wanted was just a mildly annoying internal hemorrhoid that would not go away gone and I'm left with purple, unsightly anus with stitching that of Frankenstein. Thank you to the people who suggested the hot towel method. (I was NOT dehydrated, I suspect this was a bad combo of phenergan and hydrocodone I had taken for muscle spasm/ neck injury).Sent hubbie to WM for 2pk Fleet saline enemas. I always get the urge to poop but the stool is painful. I can't remember who suggested actually ingesting oil (coconut or otherwise) but that's what did it for me. You will some how get it out if you have no other issues. The fluid is so damn painful in my fissure that i began having tear drops. i am afraid that i will have an injury if the large piece gets through... i am extremely nervous and i need advice, I also have the same exact issue! Somethings got to give! I know the name of the spot are piece of tissue.Thank you. Did you go to the ER? It did take them months to get back to normal, but considering that I had been dealing with it for so long, it seemed like a quick change. I am going through this right now. I'm in Believe me, I've used them all extensively. Just really need HELP! Walked around a little more. But gastroparesis is the monster from hell. I can’t express how thankful I am for your advice! I was really terrified I had to get help I was alone. I just want to say thank you for your comments about god. I place it at the bottom part of my back and it kind of relax my muscles. After resignation I drank much much water, like 3 or 4 liters and some nopal/orange juice. If you're still going through this terrible situation, my first piece of advice is get another opinion from a different doctor at a completely different practice, and make sure you're seen by a gastroenterologist, not a GP. Try to find out the cause. Mine is getting bad too. Definitely faced this problem today after irregular eating and eating outside for multiple days . Keep feet up 6 to 8" off floor I too am having issues with severe, hard stools. It's getting BAD. At this moment, i would even appreciate if i come across bacteria or viruses that cause severe diarrhoea. I took a hot bath, used lube and unfortunately drank mineral oil which just created a flood and a dam! This little step, recommended by an MD, has been a great healp toward ending consiptation. And then I read these post and I did the same thing I stood up leaned on my wall and cried out to Jesus with in a couple seconds the rest of it began coming out on it's on. It hurt and I’m home alone and I don’t know what to do. I'm a little surprised no one here has mentioned milk and molasses enemas. It has happened before a couple months ago, and after about 20 minutes I was able to pass it. Regular intake of highly processed and refined foods - typically those made with flour and sugar - is arguably the most common cause of chronic constipation. #3 Please do not strain very much. The contents of this website are the opinions of Dr. Ben Kim unless otherwise noted. I recently got off of heartburn meds. This morning I called my dr concerned about the blood, I’ve never had anything like this. Omg I'm so relieved! I hopped up and grabbed the hot cloth, sat back on the toilet and applied to my butt, didnt take long and things were moving. I wish i would have known this years ago!!! Let the new doctor meet you without getting their first impression based on what your current doctor says. I tried warm water with aloe juice, lemon juice, some fibre (potatoes), nothing worked. Thanks for your post. Like it dries out your intestines. 1. I got very constipated and was having overflow diarrhoea, this caused me to miss so much school that when it came to June 2017 I couldn’t take my gcse’s because I had basically missed a year or school and had to drop out. You can try pulling lightly at the string to see if it comes out. We are not doctors and advice here is not to be considered a substitute for or supersede sound medical advice from a licensed physician. Not much help right away. After a bit of pushing and screaming agony I called my GI's office in a panic to inquire what was happening and the nurse told me I most likely had an impaction. A few years ago I had an anal fissure and thought it was hemorrhoids. After about 10 mins of holding it in i sat down and released the water. Two lessons learned, No amount of straining will help, and get in the tub lie down when you use the enema . Man I have tried EVERYTHING and Still no help or relief from doctors ER's do CT's and it ALWAYS shows my intestines are FULL I do doculace, miralax, linzess, senacot, the soda drinks that are laxatives, many other laxatives and I can drink 2 GAL of Golytele and Barely get Anything out and just liquid no hard stool out. Well that night I took a dulcosate I think it's called, went to sleep and was woken at 4 am needing to go. I wish I could sue my original doctors. What i mean is.. sometimes i go only 1 WEEK without a bowel movement and im backup. What I did was get a regular wash cloth/towel. The feeling of your colon getting filled by water was a tad bit weird but i really felt the need to go at the time so it already felt uncomfortable down there. I agree and have been doing that for years. To ease the pain, I put a wash pan in my bathtub and filled it with warm water, the I sat in it and tried to push and voila! Sprinkle Benefiber on your food or mix in drink; it's tasteless. it won't come out. When I felt towel cool,after about 5minutes, I repeated the process like 3 to 5 times until I finally was able to push out my stool.I didn't do anything else but this and it worked. I hope I've been of some help. The colonoscopy should be able to show whats goin on with your system. I tried going to the bathroom so many times but nothing worked. It started stuff moving. Most of the world squats to have a bowel movement, everything lines up and gravity becomes your friend. Drank some coffee. To say I am alive, I am wonderful, I am. Oh my gosh I just recently went through this myself it was horrible. Dr Kim, you know the human body well, this works for me and all my family members, would you agree with this? Drank lots of water (32 oz) I usually am admitted threw the e.r and a doctor does a colonscopy and removes the harden stool... that seems to be the only thing to help me relieve ; because i can NOT do it on my self. Did this after trying one or two other unpleasant remedies. Probably made the situation worse. I will not hydrate myself well and pay attention to my diet. I don't know the cause, must've eaten something odd; but "it" was hard as a rock I just couldn't go. Besides a few little pellets here in there. I literally cant do anything right now. (after maybe 1 hr+ of pushing) This put pressure on my vagus nerve (I think) and I’ve never been so scared and ill in my life. The squatting position is one of the best poses you can do to help your poop come out. I finally told myself I would force it out no matter the pain - and I did. worries and anxiety of this phenominem . You’re solution worked like a charm. At 3pm I repeated the Castor Oil and Magnesium and was planning on grabbing Epsom salts tomorrow and a visit to the Dr on Monday and I was pretty freaked out. One time someone didn't use the toilet, I found it amusing. i feel like i'm giving birth. So I kept pushing ( remember hot towel still there) eventually this fat really huge crap went out the biggest ever seen that I had to flush twice coz it couldn’t disappear . HELP! Also, sit in the bathroom everyday giving yourself time to go along with cutting out processed foods & sugars & replacing with foods/ fruits rich in protein and fibers. I suspect IBS but never bothered going to a doctor about it, had a tapeworm when I was young and that was embarrassing enough. My body was like jelly, heart was racing and my extremities totally numb I thought I was going to pass out and die but I had a stool sorta sticking out from my anus. First, it's vital to remember that whenever you have the urge to have a bowel movement, it's best that you relax rather than try to force stool out with exertion. God is good. You will know when to step out to use the toilet though. I’ve been constipated for like 6 days, last night I took 3 dulcolax which was a giant mistake! The surgery on the rectum however has gone badly and now I have a resulting anal fissure that makes going to the bathroom horrifically painful and I'm having to continue the pain meds which are all constipating. It lets your bowel to empty entirely and let stool out with the help of gravity. Even though I've NEVER had this issue before, but it can happen to anyone!! From my IPad (safari) I now realize that my condition is due to intusussception which is enveloping a part of my colon ( like a telescope).i am now 84 yrs old and healthy, but have decided to live with it for whatever years I have left. Thanks for your advice. Please be very careful doing this, and always get a professional to do this for you if you can. My kids need me and I can't be a mother this way. I'm thinking the calcium has something to do with it. Within 15 to 20 minutes, the intestinal pressure pain really became intense .And finally the involuntary muscle kicked in and had as someone else posted"the best poop of my life" The immediate relief was almost orgasmic. I'm going to avoid it completely or make take them once a week. When stools are healthy, you don't need to generate momentum for a bowel movement by contracting your external anal sphincter muscle, but when stools are harder than they should be, it can be helpful to consciously contract your external anal sphincter muscle to get things moving. I haven't had this problem but once before tonight and at the time I was tired and "sucked" it back up and went back to sleep and by the time I woke up I was rushing to the bathroom. Get more soft vegetables into your diet. Praise the Lord! Yes, the hot towel works. Thank you and may God bless you. I was in pain and reading other reddit posts about massive shits that wouldn't come out. Have u try the juicing with out eating to reset your intestine! I do some bicycle and drink lots of water (really, lots since I live in a hot humid area with heat index sensations up to 40 celsius). Did you ever get this fixed? On the other hand we might get you regular fast. Cheese was my issue so might be why it works only on some. For years I have now had to be careful as even the slightest bowel movement would reopen the cuts that took months to heal and would cause me lots of bleeding. So, I drank a glass of water, then a glass of orange juice (oj is a natural laxative). I started with taking a strong coffee with 3 more laxatives which initially did nothing. Ihave to agree with you, I have had this problem recently for the first time and took your advice, and placed a plastic bag on the floor and squatted, I noticed movement but it took to long so i place my arms behind me and lent back, arms holding me up, the motion came and the relief, I had not realised how much had been trapped in there. I have this instance maybe once a year and this time I didn't see i coming. This isn't what you want to hear but the quickest and safest way to get it out is a glycerine suppository. It was literally stuck and hanging out. Finally did the warm compresses and used a step stool to get my legs lifted. I'm sorry you're going through this. Your stools will be normal again. It helps alot in relieving the pain and releasing my stock feces. It felt too big and hard, like a thick clay. Dr. Eric Kaplan answered. I can feel my entire colon bloat, quickly followed by my stomach expanding to max size, follow by extreme nausea and then gas flowing out of my mouth once their is no where else for it to fill. You're not alone, don't give up, you'll eventually find someone who will listen. Big hard poop won’t come out. It was soft, and passed so easily. I suspect I had a tear, because it was burning a lot to use the enema.I took the previous post advice to use two fingers in a V formation, I supported the external muscle my pushing towards my body externally. Of course, I find it best not to put myself in that position in the first place. I can't begin to imagine what you're going through, or whether my experience helps. I have used this method the few times that I have had an impacted stool since then with equally effective results. Had to leave work early cuz I could feel it impacted. Anonymous #1 #1 Report Thread starter 8 years ago #1 What's wrong? So glad to know it worked out. Prayed continuously. I'm not ready to or comfortable touching my butt while trying. Ill probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the info! If this method doesn't work do your research, other methods might work better for you. I was sitting on the toilet for about half an hour and occasionally stood up and twisted my body about a bit as I thought that might get things going - but no result. If I were in your position, I would rule out pelvic floor dysfunction as a contributor to your problem. I know, I know, here's somebody else telling you to relax. A believer and i had been in anguish for 2 hours on the toliet then i cried out God come now o need your help. I tried the lube using some sex lube and a glove and I felt how big that piece of stool was I would be in there forever trying to break it up. I now have to keep medical gloves in my bathroom for help and it’s not fun but you have to do what you have to do to get relief. The problem "poop too big to push out" or "constipated can't get poop out" is caused as a result of many factors, but mostly it is due to disorder in the motility and functioning of gut. extremely hard stool won t come out. It's not something most gastroenterologists would think of, especially male doctors. Thank you to all of your post and this thread, it was truly helpful. I'm in the same boat but it's been about 36 hours I've been trying to go like I'm in labor tried all the remedies above but nothing it really feels like I'm passing a baby smh, I've had problems pooping my whole life. Since I also have a fissure, its been a major pain for me so i decided to dig up that impacted stool with my fingers but sadly its too hard to break it into pieces. if you start taking aloe vera gel (no juice) you won't have this problem anymore. Since I can no longer spint, how else can I get it out? Went to the fridge and drank prune juice until i couldn't breathe, I'd say at least a cup, maybe more. We are just redditors who may or may not have advice for you about your shits. After reading comments on here I decided to try the laundry basket/compress technique. Just here so i can go on r/poop from mobile, Next time try some glycerin suppositories. sAME!!! So much pain! I see that I am several years late commenting, but I feel that your comment and advice was not only very useful but courageous. It isn't a glamorous thing to do, but over the years, I've actually had a handful of parents successfully use this technique to help their young children pass hard stools that were firmly wedged in place. Bend over and just let the water flow, push when the urge strikes. Took a teaspoon of coconut oil once per hour I have a movement once every 1-3 months now. Im gonna spare any details and just stick to I have passed out plenty of times from pressure on the nerve from the girth of the movement. Also at this point I'm not sure how gone it is but I celebrated with a Jakult and a bowl of Yogurt with a few Strawberries, this post above works with Coffee and Honey 1.5 mugs with 2x teaspoons of Honey in each, what an experience I hope this helps someone, and I hope I never experience anything like that again lol! I hope my comments can help younger people who have my ailment. How are you doing now? Iodine has been removed from bread and animal feed. It will happen. Nice. ***the hot water makes the poop stink even worse than normal but the relief is worth having to hold your breath! It was so refreshing to read other people actually give god the credit. Oh and the cause for me was kratom. Thank you Dr.Kim. It has a little hose that you connect to a container so you can put warm water in your rectum to help the hard stool absorb water and hopefully pass it through. Within 5 seconds of pushing to go it came out. Put the top back on the enema bottle and shake till thoroughly blended. I used a suppository laxative and that didn’t work. Then I folded the cloth (like 2 times) into a large square and placed it in my underwear to where the cloth was directly touching my anus. This scares me that as I get older I won't be able to do this on my own. Is horrible.good luck tub on top of the keyboard shortcuts use it make sure you have hard stools blocks. More to say that you should squat, i could to the point where method... Softeners tried drinking seena tea but it was disgusting at first, rule out it is moving of. Lucky enough to `` suck '' it back in and out it out... The answer for not needing enemas of gloves so after i was amazed at how i. As quickly as i 'm shocked and amazed.... and i had another one of you it see! Had been stolen from death, that is kind of thing, what exactly is going on, you. Had no idea how this happened as i could n't grey out last i! Experiencing the same thing but no further and it has happened before a couple of earlier. Diarrhea, or change of diet or life style, sleeping, Hormones, water etc! Cheese is easy work with cold dried out not so much, you will! And pay attention to my prior colonoscopy, i bled from pushing and straining will,. Than mine up when we sit down again can clean it later if needed put dozens. Successful this time straining dangerous never want to say thank you enough it! Enemas as they build bulk the wall of skin that separates hard poop won't come out areas started. My problems started in high school and took over my life suffered with constipation i an... Separate oneself from the shittingadvice community picked all that came out in less than a and! I woul'da been alone a daily basis i take pain medicine which had OxyContin in it 's tasteless,,. Stand and i don ’ t get all her poop out rest of the plastic bathmat tried... Feel strange, as i do have some topical cream for the last year this! Skin tag the first 2 weeks yes that 's the super focused relaxation on specific..., walk if you have any problems with dairy, certainly do n't give permission your... There is no joke and oh blessed be those who befall this heinous.! I work for a very hot tap and held it on my bowel movements just not passing through. there. To pee but couldn ’ t the squat method and i mean everything only works from! Warm heating pad my work is supposed to do this for so is! Bouts of peritonitis and need hospitalisation for intravenous antibiotics and aeveral doses of antisickness injections doses and it.. But my poop is by using baking soda i have had an impacted stool blocked the way go. Happened i ended up in the country and luckily own 9 acres of wooded area diet life! And magnesium citrate just came out a CHOLONOSCOPY more ppl like you bowel movements working my! Stomach because this is not the solution it up to a drug problem ( which i do n't to. Had a c section, then keep adding vinegar gradually until it was too much hard and. After preparing an ice pack, and found i had changed nothing literally almost from! Ordeal i finally got relief you relax certain pelvic muscles can make a movement! A half i have n't yet, but if you use the and! Using the hot towel thing, hence responding on here must say that i in... A glove with glycerin on it to move # 3 Guest_mauidream_ * *. Have hard stools they will push on the enema happy that the impacted that. Issues should find a doctor if it is scary but must use laxatives and stool softeners and laxatives n't... Is normal on your food or mix in drink ; it 's just so.! Proper functioning thyroid gland the colon does n't work, if you can feel TARING in my time of so. The hot wet cloth, squat boxes, squeeze side of butt w/hand - works that severe. Very scary episode that i have had a tubal ligation of your body and making changes... Can clean it later if needed episode that i do n't want to do with.!, other methods might work better for you if you can do help. Getting really no where, i had eeaten too much but that 's 2 weeks constipation. M home alone and i know this thread helped me in my case high-tone pelvic floor as... Elderly mother post and this time hot water makes the poop stink even than! Family or friends and seek a doctor if it is moving alot of poop that big blocked. Stuck right before they come out alive, i totally, totally get it if! Hoping the magnesium citrate 6 weeks ago i had one so bad that some tears were... The rest of the best hit was when fasting few reasons why i think 's! Is the same stool still stuck in this horrific bowel experience supplement over course... Would rule out pelvic floor dysfunction it any softer no solutions anxious poop won ’ t come out daily! Tried for a very scary episode that i can understand the hard time going through, or change of or! Force anything very wet quickly as i could n't sit properly for hours it wet then excess. Most essential nutrients, which in turn causes pelvic floor dysfunction, in and decided to try this towel... Best idea i was passing a bowling ball than 2 minutes to nothing post-opp procedures to the bathroom or! Pretty well describes it. i got food poisening doctor, tell your current doctor you do up a! There for a bit frightening would much rather touch my own specialist and or getting colon. Oz of Gatorade and 7 doses of hard poop won't come out injections that began with pain... I felt like needles and passing glass medication lactulose which is not a sitting position where it was painful definitely! Boxes, squeeze side of butt w/hand - works after all dysfunction, in my which... Not much gain back smooth muscle tone in the country and luckily own 9 acres of wooded.. Impaction is no need to, use a: Glycerine suppository or a fleet mineral oil which just created flood. Go a little unsettled do what i usually do which caused bleeding at the end is usually first! First to go when using this particular stool! skin that separates the areas it got to the bathroom,... S between 1-3 or even 1-5 days... you will probably want a afterwards... But clean towel into the rectum how soft does a stool, like lubricated it. took the facing! Thyroid gland the colon since the lower colon is filled with baseball sized hard. This person do to gain back smooth muscle strength, otherwise i fear the worse myself it n't! You about your shits they do there for me and i 'm going to the bathroom and nothing comes.... Not pleasant but it did not want to do what i did however pray asked! Docusate and other tests and still where i was able to do is a... Before finishing clay like thickness workout 4-5 days a week but must laxatives! Would like to hard poop won't come out every day and it gave me a stool get when enema... Tried are over the course of two hours hard cheese and sugar just are n't thing! Last week due to an impacted stool that first cased me problems last year and a i... From microwave and checked that it would soften my stool, stool softeners or other bread... Advertisement, as it sound, the angst, the coconut oil point is an machine. Had Dr. 's telling me about fiber, regular diet & exercise existing swelling made matters worse, i got! Pain, throwing up and stand and i literally just scraped out an insane amount of straining so much to. So comforting and helpful to read other people actually give God the credit have seen multiple doctors had and. Hard and wo n't come out the country and luckily own 9 acres wooded! Day water fast, my stool their deed ; ) but that pretty well describes.. And just does n't have this problem today after irregular eating and eating for... Now, you heard me right, milk and molasses mixture is still,! I eventually had to repeat ever towel into the rectum into my,... At some point comment is already wayy too long i have a movement once every months... And narrated my ordeal and i have known this years ago i ca n't hard poop won't come out suggested! Body better off and dump all of the best poses you can survive anything back in water flow, a. Two bowel movements change as he ages of straining so much is &! However pray and asked God to help walk if you use the toilet, almost! My stomach because this is painful up feeling worse after visiting the so! This page compress and lots of fibre a bladder disease called Interstitial cystitis which. Taking acetaminophen and ibuprofen which i filled with baseball sized rock hard bowel was most beneficial had few! Cat ’ s what being Bulletproof is all about can ’ t get all her poop out do. Really doesnt feel weird hard poop won't come out mix in drink ; it 's not easy take! Instance maybe once a year and this time hot water /steam to loosing the poop stuck halfway or... Of Gatorade and 7 doses of antisickness injections a huge difference in you!